Phoenix Centre for Acupuncture

Specialist Treatment of Pain and Stress Conditions in Ballarat

Welcome to Phoenix Centre for Acupuncture!

In a world which is becoming busier and busier, isn't it nice to find somebody who wants to take the time to listen to you and help to make your life easier? 

That's what we do at Phoenix Centre for Acupuncture!

We have a holistic view of health. A consultation not only considers how best to address the issue you seek help with but also how to prevent future issues. We do this through a range of services: acupuncture and Chinese medicine including cupping and moxibustion, exercise therapy, nutritional and life style advice. Some of the questions you'll be asked during a consultation may seem irrelevant to your issue but they help us tailor our treatment and advice so you'll get the maximum benefit from it.

While we have a special interest in pain relief and treatment of stress, we treat the full range of health conditions. We also provide support for IVF treatment and during pregnancy.



For more information, contact us by telephone or email! 

Check Out the Phoenix Holistic Health Website!

Phoenix Centre for Acupuncture has always provided a holistic approach to treatment. We excited to now have new website dedicated to providing information on the holistic health. On this website you'll find great information on stress and anxiety, emotions, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, sleep and complementary therapies. All information has been thoroughly researched and additional resources are added for those people who want to look into things more deeply. Each week a short video will posted highlighting any new information that has come out that week.


Check it out here: 


We are on the Radio!

Starting from 6 October, 2016, Phoenix Centre for Acupuncture will be presenting a fortnightly session on Voice FM 99.9! We will be discussing holitic approaches to health management! Tune in at 9.10am or you can down load the handout of the session in the "Free Handout" section of this website!

Depression Handout Now Available!

On 13 October, 2016 we discussed holistic management of depression on Voice FM 99.9. The handout from this radio session is now available in the free downloads area!


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