08/09/2017Spring is here! And the weather bureau assures us that eventually we will have sunshine and warmer weather! In preparation, it's good to start thinking about how to stay healthy in Spring! On 7 September, on 99.9 Voice FM, I spoke about spring health. Here's the handout from that session!
18/08/2017Over 70,000 people have been diagnosed with the flu this year! On 17 August, 2017 on 99.9 Voice FM I talked about ways to avoid getting the flu and what to do if you do get it. Here's the handout from that session.
04/08/2017Sleep is one of our most important activities. Sadly, too many of us do not have time for enough sleep or sleep badly. Here is some great information about improving your sleep!
21/07/2017If we are feeling a bit down, the long dark nights of winter can make us feel worse. For people who are grieving, thier feelings of sadness and depressions may becomes more intense. While it is important to let grief run its course, there are way to manage our lifestyle while we are experiencing it.
06/07/2017Often we feel a bit down in winter - the longer hours of darkness and cold temperatures can take a toll. But there is a different between the winter blues and seasonal afflictive disorder (or SAD). On 6 July 2017 on 99.9 Voice FM I spoke about SAD - what it is and how to manage it. Here is the handout from that session.
03/07/2017These days there are many things that can make us feel anxious: home invasions, assaults, war, terrorist attacks, job losses....the list just goes on and on. Did you know there are life style changes you can make to help you manage anxiety? On 99.9 Voice FM, on 22 June, I spoke about managing anxiety. This is the hand out from that session!